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We are delighted to introduce our new series of home lifts DIVAS.
born from the need of a product easy to install.
adaptable to any needs and possibility

The Italian Platform Lift

Safe, comfortable, reliable.


Is a senior elevator manufactorer, expert in reliabilty and safety standards, working in the sector since the early 2000s.
All Divas lifts models carry the CE mark and are subjected to extensive testing and quality control before leaving our factory. This lift complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and follows European Standards.

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Divas Lift

100% Made in Italy, suitable for any type of architectural context. It is distinguished by its silence, reliability, safety and ease of installation.
Divas is a safe elevator, in case of interruption of the mains supply, the machine automatically returns to the lowest floor.
It can be installed in new buildings or existing buildings, we may also provide a metal structure for interior or exterior.
Divas is a certified product, fully customizable in coatings and optionals.


Discover how DIVAS distinguishes itself from other Platform Lift, with its six main features

100% Italian Made

Divas is an italian product, shipped worldwide: its design follows the highest quality standards.

Easy to Install

Divas is a quick and easy product.
It takes less then a week to be Installed.


Divas is the perfect product for anyone that needs to improve the accessibility of their own Home

High Quality,
Best Prices.

Divas is fully manufactured by us,
This allows us to bring you the best price/quality ratio

European Certificate

Divas is fully produced in Italy, for this reaseon it must follow the European Standards and most important 2006/42/CE

150mm Pit

Divas needs only 150mm for the Pit. Making it easly adaptable to any project.

Doors and Fixtures

Divas offers two options for doors: Automatic and Swing.
Choose based on your needs.

Cabin Operation Panel

Equipped with the cabin column, you can choose the TFT 7" Marlin display or the RainbowLCD display combined with the label 57 emergeny light capacity plate.
Marlin EVO TFT has integreted a voice syntethizer with the varoius messages, music and announcments.

4.3" TFT display IPPOCAMPO
with customizable data and images


Landing Operating Panel

Choose the Lop for your Divas Lift.

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Technical Specs

Below you will find all the technical data you need for your project, take a look at our optional features as well
Minimum pit: 150 mm (with linoleum floor or 180 with marble ones)
Motor power: from 1.5 to 4 kw
Maneuver: maneuver APB or automatic in the cabin and automatic on the floor
Power supply: 220V - one-phase - 50 hz / 380V three-phase 50 hz
Speed: 0,15 m / s (on request 0,30 m / s - slow lift)
Capacity: from 250 kg to 600 kg
Minimum headroom: 2400 mm
Doors: automatic or swing ones
Travel: max 12000 mm
Stops: up to 6
Traction: hydraulic with control unit installed near the shaft, or in a cabinet
Entrances: 1 or 2 opposite or adjacent accesses
Car operating panel COP:  mechanical side removable column with braille push buttons, open door, alarm maintenance key, LCD display and emergency light / capacity plate
Landing doors:  hinged with standard window or automatic with central or side opening.
Floor buttons: flush mounted steel plate complete with braille push buttons, open door, alarm and / or display for floor indication
Cabin:  walls in plasticized sheet steel with stainless steel finishes, linoleum floor, white 4 LED spotlights ceiling, half-wall mirror with handrail, roof with hatch and photocell barrier.
Cabin doors:  on automatic platform, finishes are like cabin walls Miscellaneous: automatic emergency in down movement
Hinged doors: blinded,panoramic with transparent glass or custom. Ral paintings or steel coating Fire-fighting version el60- el120
Landing operating panel LOP: enabling calls key, TFT display, floor indicators(out of service, direction arrows, alarm , arriving indicator)
Automatic landing doors: 2AT (Two telescopic), 3AT (3 telescopic leaves), 2AO (two opposite central antis), 4AO (four opposite central doors), blind or panoramic. Ral painting, plasticized sheet or steel. Fire fighting version EL60-EL120
Car operating panel COP: enabling calls key, independent call key, cabin fan switch, cabin light switch, TFT display with customization of the capacity plate with customer logo, loudspeaker cut out, for synthesis
Cabin doors: in plasticized sheet, steel or panoramic.
Cabin: full-wall mirror, bidirectional communication device, panoramic walls, special steel finishes. Ceiling with different finishes, vocal synthesis, protection bumper strips. Predisposition for bottom coating.
Supporting structure: pres-folded sheet metal for exteriors and interiors with bolted elements. Finishes with RAL painting. Buffering with laminated glass or insulated panels and / or sheets

Divas is tailored to your needs

Movilift offers non standard solutions on request, specify your dimension, and we'll make a custom DIVAS build that fits your dream project.

If you are interested in Divas,
feel free to contact us.

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